How To Choose The Right South African Chenin Blanc Wine For Food

chenin and noodlesWith no competition the South African Chenin Blanc is by far the best white wine that anyone can best have for an occasion. With a number of varieties for different types of foods, getting the perfect one for the food in question is just a matter of picking. However with many not knowing what goes with what, there are basic rules that one has to follow in order to get the right wine for every food.

Spicy foods

When it comes to spicy foods choosing wine to accompany a meal, the reality is that the choice will either make or break a meal. The rule to this is choosing a low alcoholic drink that is sweet. In this regard the best South African Chenin-Blanc wines to accompany any spicy food with is 92 Ken Forrester-2009 T Noble Late-Harvest Chenin-Blanc (Stellenbosch) is a good option, as it will give just the right finish to the meal.

Earthy foods

After indulging in earthy meals such as mushroom meals and mashed potato meals, then fresh and fruity type of South African Chenin-Blanc will do. The one that will wow ones palate giving the right finish in what is rather a boring food in this case is the 88 Raats Family 2011 Original-Unwooded Chenin-Blanc (Coastal Region).

Meaty foods

Meaty foods need deep flavor and aged oaked wine to bring in the best flavors to the table. With the fact that the right blending is done for the critical balance to be achieved, one gets to enjoy their meal in a way never before. In this regard the South African Chenin-Blanc that will do you just right is the 91 Simonsig 2010 Avec ChĂȘne Chenin Blanc (Stellenbosch) is the right pick.

Sweet foods

When it comes to having sweet cakes or dessert like foods, light wines that can be handled are best used in such cases. In this regard blended South African Chenin-Blanc will go best with different fruity characteristics with a little bit of acidity, will get one to enjoy freshness and a whole new identity to the aroma taste of the sweet foods. The right choice is this regard will be the 90 Sijnn 2010 White (Malgas).